Thursday, 21 August 2014

6 Days to Go !


We are now back in Scotland making the final preparations for our adventure. before leaving Cardiff and when we had decided on a starting date I emailed our local newspaper the ‘Greenock Telegraph’ with details of our walk and charity. They appeared interested and phoned the following day. Moira gave them all the info on the pilgrimage and why we were doing it on behalf of Pancreatic Cancer UK. They said they would be sending a photographer to see us as soon as we got back to Port Glasgow. He came yesterday and took some pictures of us in our t-shirts advertising the charity in the sunshine in our back garden. The article will hopefully be published in the next few days boosting the chances of further donations.

I have sent out a few emails to a friend in my old company African Products in South Africa to keep them up to date about what we are up to and hope for contributions. A similar update went to our old running and walking club, Benoni Northerns.

Moira has begun to pack our rucksacks mainly to see what the weight will be like. I tried mine out this morning and even with the tent packed inside it still feels quite light. I’ve no doubt we will discover a few more things that we need to take and it will get heavier.

The grass and hedges haven't grown much while we have been in Wales. It will only be an hour’s work to tidy it up at the weekend. The weather is starting to cool done up here in the north and there shouldn't be much growth after we leave next week.


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