Tuesday, 26 August 2014

On our way to Canterbury

Tuesday 26 August.


We had a good night's sleep in Giffnock and Suzy ran us to the station after breakfast. She joined us on the train into Glasgow and headed for work early in the city. We walked up to the bus station and started a long day on the buses


There were two changes, the first at Birmingham then at London before we were on our last lap to Canterbury. It was a bit nerve wracking on the first bus as there were hold ups and delays on the M6. We made our connection in Birmingham with only minutes to spare.


Later as the bus made its way towards Canterbury on the M2 it began to rain. Fortunately when we reached the city it was dry but it was 8:30pm and dark. We had to ask numerous people for directions to Nunnery Fields where Kitt's backpackers was, our bed for the night. Eventually we found the place and it was a big villa and everyone was friendly. The dorm had four bunks and the two left for us was a top and a bottom, I got the top one.


They made us a cup of hot chocolate and we had some roast chicken that Moira had cooked last night to take with us. After our make-do dinner it was a shower then off to bed.The worst thing about sleeping in a dorm is that people go to bed at different times. We turned in first but just as you drop off somebody makes a noise going to bed and you are awake again. This went on until mid-night then it was quiet and luckily no snoring.




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