Thursday, 7 August 2014



Yesterday after sending out the email about our pilgrimage there was £260 donated to the charity. I also got a best wishes message from Dave Callahan from Florida who we met and walked with on our first Camino de Santiago.

I also got into Tweeter and reactivated my ‘Grumpy Jim’ tweet. I got a response from Canterbury Cathedral wishing us good luck.

Grumpy Jim @suzmaruk

I've stopped complaining and starting doing. We are going to walk from Canterbury-Rome in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK starting next month. - 06 Aug

Canterbury Cathedral @No1Cathedral

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.@suzmaruk @AEVieFrancigene Best of luck with your journey along the Via #Francigena! We will be thinking of you

03:24 PM - 06 Aug 14


Jim&Moira...the hike sounds exceptionally challenging, but the satisfaction and rewards high. Good luck and "buon camino"!
David Callahan

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  1. Hi guys, well done reaching Rome!
    I am writing this from Trépail sitting beside the wonderful Vivienne who sends her regards.