Friday, 15 August 2014



We are down in Cardiff helping out with Margaret’s new baby boy. it arrived last Sunday and was a healthy 8lb 13 oz. Everything is going well, Margaret and baby got home the following day. Things are going well and it looks like we will be heading home next Tuesday to make final preparations for heading down to Canterbury for the start of the Via Francigena.
In the meantime we have been looking at the route through France and getting the coordinates of all the towns and villages we pass through. I can now plot waypoints on a route/map programme I have on the iPad. This will make it easier to find our way through France as the route isn’t waymarked.
The other thing Moira has been researching is the ferry from Dover to Calais for foot passengers. The normal price for a signal ticket appears to be  more than we pay for both of us and the motorhome. The alternative is to take the offers for day trip excursions which are on offer at only £1 believe it or not. That way we would just cross to Calais and not come back that day. This excursion leaves at 8:45am so we will stay in Dover the previous night and do a bit of walking as soon as we arrive in Calais.
Another thing we have been looking at is accommodation. This pilgrimage isn’t like the Camino de Santiago routes through Spain with lots of plentiful budget accommodation like albergues and hostals. Reasonable priced places to stay are few and far between so we have decided to take our small two man tent and sleeping maps to use in emergencies. The tent and mats are fairly light weight so we should manage to carry them without too much trouble.
The donations in support of our charity have been coming in steadily to The total has reached £370, many thanks for your contributions.

Via Francigena

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