Sunday, 16 November 2014

SAN MINIATO photo album.

The town of San Miniato was named after Saint Mineas a Christian Martyrr in 250 AD and lived the life of a hermit in Florence. He offended the Emperor Decius who him beheaded. He picked up his head and put it back on, crossed the River Arno and returned to live and die as a hermit in a cave at Mons Fiorentinus.


The town has a number of churches with the earliest being the 12th century Duomo dell'Assunta e di San Genesio with its bell tower, Torre Matilde, originally built for defensive reasons then incorporated into the church building. Other churches have been built at various times from the 13th century onwards. The main feature, the Torre della Rocco, is 192m high and from top has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.


The area is also famous for it a white truffles but when we went shopping we didn't dare even ask the price of this very expensive luxury.




















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